MiWK: Constitution

Music in West Kilbride SC037517 Registered charity
1. Title:
The club shall be known as “Music in West Kilbride” and hereinafter called “The Club”.
2. Objects:
The purpose of the Club shall be to promote and encourage the study, practice and knowledge of the arts in West Kilbride and the surrounding district, and other literary, educational and cultural purposes connected therewith (hereinafter called “the Objects of the Club”).
3. Policy:
In order to achieve the Objects of the Club, the Club will
a) Assist in organising, managing, promoting and producing concerts and other presentations as well as advance public education in the arts
b) Make arrangements, plans and programmes either in connection with local musical, cultural, artistic and educational societies and organisations or on its own initiative.
c) Co-operate with local authorities and local musical, cultural, artistic and educational societies and organisations for the promotion of the establishment of local concert halls, theatres or similar institutions
d) Do all other acts as are incidental to the attainment of the Objects of the Club
4. Membership:
Membership is open to any person, company or body interested in the Objects of the Club.
5. Executive Committee:
a) The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the administration, management and control of the affairs and property of the Club, including details of membership and subscriptions
b) The Executive Committee shall consist of not more than six and not less than four members, exclusive of Officers, who shall be members of the Executive Committee ex officiis.
c) The first members of the Executive Committee shall be appointed by a meeting of members to be held within 14 days of the Club being constituted. Thereafter the Executive Committee shall be appointed by members of the Club at the Annual General Meeting.
d) The Executive Committee shall establish such sub-committees for such purposes and on such terms and conditions as the Executive Committee deems necessary.
6. Officers
a) The following officers shall be elected annually by the Executive Committee:
i) The Chair
ii) The Treasurer
iii) The Secretary
iv) Such other officers as the Club may appoint
b) The Officers shall be responsible for such duties as the Executive Committee may decide from time to time
c) The Officers shall be appointed for a period of one year but shall be eligible for reelection on retiral.
7. Honorary Members
The members of the Club may from time to time at an Annual General Meeting appoint any person to the Honorary President of the Club and may regulate the terms and conditions of such appointment
8. Annual Accounts
The Executive Committee shall prepare annual accounts, complying with all relevant statutory requirements. Where external scrutiny is required under any statutory provisions (or if they otherwise think fit), they shall ensure that external scrutiny of such accounts is carried out by a suitably qualified person.
9. Meeting of the Club
a) The Club shall hold an Annual General Meeting in each year at such time and place as the Executive Committee shall determine
b) A Special Meeting of the Club shall be called by the Secretary on the written request of three members, or on the unanimous written request of the Officers, or on the written request of a majority of the Executive Committee.
c) Seven clear days’ notice in writing shall be given by the Secretary for all meetings of the Society; the notice shall state the reason for calling the meeting and in the case of a Special Meeting , the terms of any resolutions to be put before the Club shall be annexed to such notice
d) Three members of the Club or such greater number as the Club at the Annual General Meeting may determine, shall form a quorum.
10. Annual General Meeting
a) The business of the Annual General Meeting shall include:
i) the election of the Executive Committee,
ii) the appointment of a suitably qualified organisation/ person to complete external scrutiny/ examination of the Accounts of the Club
iii) the consideration of an annual report, which shall be prepared by the Executive Committee, of the work done by the Club and of the report of the accounts examiner and the accounts of the Club
b) The Agenda and accounts shall be made available to all members prior to the meeting.
c) Any member may have a motion placed on the Agenda by submitting it to the Secretary not less than 48 hours before the Annual General Meeting.
d) The Chair may, at his or her discretion, accept motions at the Annual General Meeting
11. Finance:
a) The funds of the Club shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the Objects of the Club
b) The Treasurer shall keep books showing all the Income and Expenditure of the Club
c) There shall be prepared and presented to the Annual General Meeting of the Club, audited accounts of the Club
d) No Officer or member of the Executive Committee or any other member of the Club shall receive any remuneration or other financial benefit from the Club for its activities other than reimbursement of expenses properly incurred and vouched for by him or her on behalf of the Club.
12. Changes to the Constitution
No change shall be made to this Constitution except by a resolution approved at an Annual General Meeting or Special Meeting of the Club by a two thirds majority of those members present and voting at such meeting, provided always that due notice of the proposed resolution shall have been given to all members. Any alterations to the Constitution will be notified to the Inland Revenue Claims Branch.

13. Dissolution
a) The Club may at any time be dissolved by a resolution passed by two thirds majority of those members present and voting at an Annual General Meeting or Special Meeting of the Club
b) All remaining assets of the Club at the date of dissolution shall be donated to a body that is a charity in law having objects similar to those of the Club

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